Coastal Restoration

The shorelines and beaches of this country are impacted and sometimes destroyed by natural disasters. Natural beauty that has slowly developed over thousands of years can be shattered in just a few hours. Inlets can be cut through islands, waterways clogged, and dunelines leveled.

Replacing and rebuilding these areas may appear to be impossible. But Aftermath Disaster Recovery is expert at mitigating the immediate damage and restoring the geography that is needed to support the surrounding areas.

    Beach reclamation is more than just moving sand from one area to another. It also requires collecting, sifting, screening, and reconstructing some of the most delicate eco-systems in the world. The impact of the restoration process may have unintended consequences on an area so we are always mindful to return it to what had naturally developed over all those years.

    Our team can tackle the following jobs as part of our Coastal Restoration Services:

    • Oil Spill Cleanup
    • Beach Replenishment
    • Wetlands Restoration
    • Beach Sand Screening & Replacement